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Lies in Propaganda #1: The Anti-Republican Crusaders

In Calling Out Propaganda on January 25, 2012 at 3:57 pm
The Anti-Republican Crusaders

Propaganda from the Anti-Republican Crusaders - Part 1

With a subtle and meek name like the Anti-Republican Crusaders, how could anything untruthful exist here? </sarcasm> And let’s not forget to mention that Lawrence O’Donnell Jr. calls himself a “practical European socialist”; a person who obviously distances himself from our government, our values and those who fought and died for it.

For now, let’s take a look at the first 2 statements in the image above.

Myth #1: “Liberals got women the right to vote.”

Really? Which one(s)? The 19th Amendment, eventually passed in 1919, failed to pass the first 2 times it was voted on in the House of Representatives. Susan B. Anthony helped pioneer all 3 proposals. But she wasn’t entirely responsible for it. It was actually a collaboration of activists from democrats, republicans, the National Womens Suffrage Association and the American Womens Suffrage Association. So I then tried to find Susan B. Anthony’s political affiliation but was unsuccessful in doing so. I did find (and was a little surprised actually) that she had some significant ties with the Republican party (see under the paragraph “United States v. Susan B. Anthony” at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_B._Anthony). Regarding her ties to the Republican party, I understand that Republicans in the early 20th century were different than the  Republicans of today. But to simply say that it was the “liberals” that did it, well that’s just false.

Myth #2: “Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote.”

Umm, ok. So the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was what actually gave African-Americans the right to vote in 1869. Even though 78.8% of all African-Americans are actually “Democrat-leaning” (according to http://www.blackdemographics.com/blackpolitics.html), one might assume this to be true. However, a Republican from Massachusetts by the name of George Boutwell was actually the one to originally propose this. That’s right, a republican. See the following quotes from http://15thamendment.harpweek.com/HubPages/CommentaryPage.asp?Commentary=03Creation.

In the 2nd paragraph:

“Spurred also by the resurgent strength of the Democratic Party, Republicans of the outgoing 40th Congress began crafting in the winter of 1868-1869 a constitutional amendment for equal manhood suffrage.”

3rd paragraph:

“On January 30, 1869, the House passed a resolution, 150-42, submitted by Republican George Boutwell of Massachusetts to amend the Constitution to forbid the federal and state governments from denying the vote to citizens based on race, or color, or previous condition of slavery.”

Now let me be honest here. If I were an Anti-Republican Crusader, I would probably try to “kick-off” my message with my best, most profound material. Which leads me (and hopefully now, you also) to believe that they probably don’t have ANY profound material. Remember, a 10-year old can take an image from the internet and layer some text on top of it. I’m not saying they have the brain of a 10-year old. That’s just mean. I was thinking more like 11 or 12. Battle on, crusaders. Battle on.

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  1. Anti-conservative Obama-lings are so desperate to have a case that they are grasping onto his lies.

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